The Shotokan Times is a global media platform for Shotokan Karate Do dedicated to fostering tradition, values, exchange, and community building among traditional Shotokan Karatekas.

The Mission of The Shotokan Times

We inform Karatekas who are interested in tradition, values, and the spirit of the Shotokan style by providing them with media and insights about the Shotokan world. We are the biggest global platform for exchange between Shotokan practitioners. We are independent and apolitical. We focus on spirit, style, and the community.  Together, we work to strengthen traditional Shotokan and grow it worldwide. This website is our service to the community and to the heritage of Gichin Funakoshi. We strive to make a difference in the live of others through Shotokan Karate Do.

What The Shotokan Times Does

We offer a platform in order to

  • reinvent how knowledge is shared within the Shotokan community
  • inspires exchange and communication on a global scale
  • offer a stage for Dojos and individuals who want to show their insights and skills
  • provide a pool of information and resources about
  • bridge the gaps between communities
  • support creativity ways to communicate the spirit and style of Shotokan
  • bring people together to spark  synergies and learn from each other

One Spirit. One Style. One Community.