The picture shows the logo of Karate@Home.
The picture shows Thomas Prediger who says that Sport Karate is a "perverted system". He also sees a great potential for kumite in violence prevention.
The picture shows Hirokazu Kanazawa. His Seiken and Ki were tremendous. In this picture he does a Choku-zuki. But today, relaxation must become the focal point of Shotokan.
The picture shows a knife and this article we are going to shows you whether karate works in knife defence.
The picture shows the Logo of The Dojo.
About us
The picture shows a practitioner of Karate Do at the beach during sunset.
The picture shows the Dojo Yamato which has already subscribed to the Dojo Finder.
The picture shows Aoki Osamu Shihan, the master of Ki.
Hojo Undo
The picture shows children fighting is sport karate gloves. Thus, we ask the question:Is Shotokan effective?
Makiwara Monday