Kihon Ippon Kumite

Kihon ippon kumite (基本一本組み手) means basic (kihon) kumite with the focus on one attack and an immediate block and counter. It is one of the major Shotokan Karate Do Kumite types. In gohon and sanbon kumite a sequence of forward and backward steps becomes executed.

Kihon ippon kumite, on the other hand, creates a more dynamic and realistic fighting situation than gohon and sanbon kumite. For instance, an attacker attacks with a punch to the head (jodan oi-zuki). The defender steps back, blocks the punch and immediately counterattacks.

Attackers start from gedan-barai kamae.

The attacks and counter-reactions are still pre-set. But the complexity increases. Because the defender has for every attack a repertoire of response he or she can apply. Therefore, it poses the first step towards free sparing.

Kihon ippon kumite in the SKIF version.

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Dr. Christian Tribowski