Karate History

The picture shows the Karate-Do Kyohan Facsimile Reprint.

Karate-Do Kyohan is one of the foundational works about Shotokan Karate Do by Gichin Funakoshi. Last year, Laurent Poliquin published a new facsimile reprint. Gichin Funakoshi expert Henning Wittwer reviewed the book for us. Karate-Do Kyohan Facsimile Reprint Some time ago I was asked by The Dojo to review a “new” book by Gichin Funakoshi (1868–1957). I thought my task would be to check the Japanese to English translation and share my opinion on that matter, since I wrote earlier about some translation problems in Funakoshi’s biography. However, when I received the book,......

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How the Samurai Art Bujutsu influenced Shotokan Karate

Bujutsu, the martial and military arts of the samurai, had a great influence on the evolution of Shotokan karate do. Especially Gichin Funakoshi was highly impressed by Jigen-ryu, a bujutsu style from the south prefecture Satsuma in Japan. Later, Gigo Funakoshi enriched Shotokan with elements from kendo and other types of Japanese fencing. The following historical reconstruction illuminates the relationship between the samurai art bujutsu and Shotokan karate do. Thus it offers a new foundation to reflect about the style in general and its techniques and ideals in particular. By Geoffrey Wingard How......

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The pictures shows Gichin Funakoshi who was the founder of Shotokan Karate Do. He coined the Shotokan Karate Philosophy in a pacifistic way. He although wrote Karate-Do Kyohan.

The Importance of Gichin Funakoshi´s Autobiography for Shotokan Karate Today’s convictions about Shotokan Karate are predominantly based on karate literature. Gichin Funakoshi´s autobiography (1868–1957) has become one of the most popular and influentially books for the understanding of Shotokan Karate. One reason for this is that it was also published in English as Karate-dō: My Way of Life (1975) and in German as Karate-dō – Mein Weg (1993) as well as into other languages. By Henning Wittwer Translation Problems between Languages Translations from one language into another pose difficulties. Above all Gichin Funakoshi’s......

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